The TAGB host World, International, National and Regional ITF-style Tae Kwon-Do tournaments throughout the year

The TAGB believe that tournaments offer our student membership an ideal platform for demonstrating their skills in competition with others. Not only in individual sparring, but in patterns, destruction and team events.

Tournaments offer an ideal opportunity for the student to test his or her skills against opponents of similar experience and physical stature.

The TAGB encourage students to participate in tournaments and the student is able to enter on receiving their Yellow Tag belt (with the addition of safety equipment and valid license).

Age and ability are no barrier to competing in tournaments as the TAGB offer a range of starting points; from local closed tournaments to Regional championships to Nationals and International events.

Our tournaments may be large and busy events, but they are also friendly and safe environments which operate under strict rules covering conduct of competitors and officials alike.

We believe that we offer a unique experience and opportunity; our tournaments have some of the best Tae Kwon-Do you can see in the United Kingdom and a large entry giving each competitor the chance to test their skills against different opponents to their usual training partners.

In the past, our tournaments have been visited by UK Sport, representatives from other British Tae Kwon-Do Council associations and have been fortunate that Grand Master CK Choi has attended previous British and World Championships events.

If you are a TAGB member, talk to your instructor about entering a tournament, if you are not a TAGB member, why not?

Check out the video from the 2013 World Championships


Video credits; S. Martin, TAGB South West.