TAGB Members

Take your training one step further


All TAGB members of Yellow Tag belt and above holding a valid BTC license registration may enter tournaments. TAGB members must enter through their registered Club Instructor using the forms provided several weeks in advance of the tournament.

Fees and Categories

Fees and categories vary depending on the tournament so do not rely on previous information when entering a tournament; always check with your Club Instructor (they should receive an entry pack) and if you encounter an issue, in the first instance you should discuss this with your Club Instructor.

TAGB members when attending in a spectator capacity must pay an entrance fee. This includes parents accompanying children who are competing or spectating.

Non-TAGB members can spectate at any tournament on purchasing a ticket via a TAGB Club Instructor, or where available through the TKD Promotions Website. For some events, and where available, tickets can be purchased on the day.

Competitors and spectators both require tickets. Competitors will receive one ticket irrespective of how many events they enter.

When are Tournaments?

Tournaments will be advertised on the TAGB website, this website, on Twitter, Facebook and through information packs sent to registered TAGB Club Instructors.