Preparing for a Tournament

Before you attend a tournament, particulary for the first time, we advise you consider the following

Check your equipment before you leave

There is a shop available at most tournaments though this cannot be guaranteed for smaller Regional tournaments. The best safety equipment you can have is your own. Check before you leave.

Make sure your Dobok and Equipment is clean

As Tae Kwon-Do is a contact sport please wear clean equipment in respect of others hygiene. Your sparring equipment can be cleaned with a personal wet wipe and your Dobok can be cleaned as per the washing label.

Arrive on time

Suffice to say, no matter what time the tournament starts there will be those that arrive late. Please try and arrive before the start of the tournament.

Officials need to arrive before competitors and spectators. Allowance to start times may be made in the event of inclement weather or local situations with respect to travel disruption or queuing at the venue.

Use Public Transport, Travel in Groups

Parking is an issue at nearly every venue on the Tournament Circuit. Wherever possible please make use of public transport, car shares, group travel via coach or mini-bus.

The TAGB Club Instructor should out of good citizenship encourage their students to car share to lower travel costs for members and reduce the impact on parking.

Bring change for parking and vending machines

Very few venues offer free parking. And it is rare these days for venues to offer a full catering service. Bringing adequate coinage will prevent an early morning panic to find a convenience shop or cash machine, this is particularly pertinent for Cardiff on Sunday mornings.

Bring a packed lunch, snacks and water

Modern venues favour coffee shop style refreshments and serve items which may not be suitable for a day long competition. It is advised to bring at least bottled water and snacks.

Please respect the rights of any catering business at the venue to trade freely and not occupy tables and consume your own food and drink at them.

Do not eat on or around the fighting areas. Bottled water is acceptable.

Check this website for the event running order

The event running order should be available the evening before the tournament on this website. Please do not try and judge timings of events based on the running order as it may change. The TAGB accept no responsibility if you miss your event because you are not at the venue for the advertised start time.

The tournament will not be held up waiting for late-comers, please do not expect your Club Instructor to intervene.