Photography and Video Recording

The following list of questions have been posed on social media and the responses are the latest view from the TAGB

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

The TAGB as a member of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council follows an agreed and consistent policy with respect to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. The latest policy documents and association contacts can be accessed on the BTC website. Appendix L of the BTC Safeguarding Policy concerns the use of photographic equipment in tournaments.

We must highlight that photography and video recording of children (that you have no legal responsibility for) and photography and video recording within the competition area is strictly forbidden as a condition of entry. Photography and video recording in changing and rest areas is strictly forbidden. Photography and video recording of medical interventions is strictly forbidden. The TAGB and venue reserve the right to refuse admission to those not adhering to official instructions to cease filming or photography.

The policy documents can be accessed via the following website.


Are there any plans to stream live video?

No. The TAGB policy is no video recording at tournaments as a condition of entry. The TAGB has in the past produced official videos taken by an official camera team of significant tournaments but there are no plans to extend this. The current policy with respect to posting videos taken during TAGB organised tournaments is that they are removed from the TAGB Facebook group and Twitter account links removed. Videos may appear from time to time on the TAGB website but these will be sanctioned by a TAGB committee member.

So am I breaking the rules of entry by videoing at tournaments?

Yes. If it says on the ticket that you cannot use video recording equipment then you are breaking the rules. If there are signs on entry to the venue telling you that you cannot use video recording equipment then you are breaking the rules. If anyone objects to you filming them or their family members then we strongly urge you to cease filming or you will risk a confrontation; it may be possible further legal action could be taken particularly if the filming is in a location where the subject considers reasonable privacy could be expected. If an official or arena staff member tells you to cease recording you must as tournaments are held on private property and this relates to rights of admission always being reserved by the property owner.

Who are the people in Orange T-Shirts?

The TAGB in 2014 introduced a Social Media team of TAGB members to take photography and video of tournaments for TAGB purposes. Photographs and video footage taken is made available to TAGB members free of charge through the online Social Media channels the TAGB makes use of.

I do not want to be filmed!

Tell the photographer or camera person to stop, if they fail to do so you can report them to a TAGB official. This applies to the Social Media team. Any footage posted through a media channel can be removed on request. Request this through the media channel directly (Facebook/Twitter/YouTube).

Where are the Previous Tournament Official Photographs?

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