Frequently Asked Questions

The following list of questions have been posed on social media and the responses are the latest view from the TAGB

Why are there no rankings of individual fighters?

Technically, not all competitions are part of the electronic results system and as such central records are not maintained. Also, it would only be possible to provide rankings based on 1st and 2nd placing as there is no play-offs for 3rd place and lower bouts are not electronically recorded. The tournament (non-league) draw system also does not assist as it would be difficult to rank anything but the top 2 fighters in any given category. For a small range of tournaments this gives a very limited list of individuals and nothing that couldn't be worked out from the published National results.

Why are there no club rankings for national tournaments?

The TAGB committee does not publish this information as it tends to favour larger clubs over smaller clubs. The Committee wishes to focus attention on the individual achievement as generally speaking Tae Kwon-Do is not a team sport. However, this information can be determined from the published National results.

Why are there no rankings of nationalities?

For the same reasons as for club information.

What happens if I am disqualified?

The results will record a 'DQ' and your name will not appear on the results. The draw sheet will be marked and handed to the Chief Umpire. Depending on the severity of the incident that led to the disqualification the Chief Umpire may discuss the situation with the individual, their Club Instructor (or affiliated representative) and the Referee/Area Manager. Depending on this, the individual may be suspended from competing for a period of time, or indefinitely, subject to TAGB Committee sanction.

How many compete?

Regional Tournaments vary in size but can be between 500-750 individual entries. For Nationals the expectation is 1250-1500 individual entries. For a World Championships nearer 3000 individual entries have been recorded.

Why does the TAGB not fight Olympic style?

The answer should be a question, why do the Olympics not fight in our style? A simple answer is that the 1988 Seoul Olympics introduced Tae Kwon-Do and as South Korea predominately followed the WTF style of Tae Kwon-Do following the division of Korea it was the WTF style that was selected. Much more complex explanations can be found elsewhere on the internet.

Can I fight in the Olympics?

Yes of course you can (if you are good enough), but you must contact GB Tae Kwon-Do for the latest information on selection. In 2013 they organised a Flying Start programme through which many TAGB fighters applied and some have been successful on the 'Road to Rio'. The cross-over from ITF style to WTF has been successfully made in the past.

You must understand that the TAGB promote and partake in ITF style Tae Kwon-Do though fully support anyone with enough talent in trying to make it on to Team GB.

What do I get for winning?

With the TAGB you get a medal or trophy depending on the event.

I have a complaint, who do I take it to?

Please see the specific section on Disputes.

Can I have a copy of the draw sheet?

No. These are the property of the TAGB and are removed from the tournament and stored to allow for results verification and validation by administrators.

Why do I have to sit down around the areas?

So people can see. We know the 'sit down around the areas' announcement is annoying. It annoys us too. However, not sitting down around the areas annoys spectators.

Why are there no mats at National and Regional Tournaments?

The TAGB will arrange for matting for World Championships events only. All other tournaments will be fought on the surfaces available at the arena or on a carpeted surface where this is not suitable. Please do not expect matting to be available, a majority of the TAGB membership do not train in fully matted training halls.