Should something go wrong please try and let the Officials on the area on which the incident took place know as soon as possible


Disputes are rare occurrences at TAGB tournaments. However, they do happen from time to time in the heat of the competition, such is the nature of our sport.

However, there is no excuse for approaching a dispute in the incorrect manner. If you wish to lodge a complaint you must be the competitor or the competitor's Club Instructor (or affiliated association representative).

You must also do so immediately after the incident with the area Referee. This cannot be stressed enough. Should the complaint be in regard to the Referee the complaint can be directed to the Area Manager (where in attendance) and as a final stage, the Chief Umpire.

Bouts will not be re-fought under any circumstances and the decision of the Referee is final. The Chief Umpire will not over-turn a Referee's decision. This does not mean that the complaint will not be taken seriously, indeed, all complaints will be listened to and every effort will be made to resolve the issue even if the outcome is a lesson to be learned in the future.

All officials are trained and instructed to be as impartial as they possibly can be. All officials are also un-paid volunteers. Without them, there would be no tournaments just as much as without competitors there would be no tournaments. Please respect each other.